My Favorite Bookstores

I've spent hundreds of hours in bookstores, browsing the shelves in search of a new universe to immerse myself in, looking for a new character to connect with, and finding old friends between the spines of potential new ones.  Books are transportive, stringing together language and pictures to create something so intimate that can be shared collectively.  My writing dream started in a bookstore, imagining what it would be like to create something for others to discover.

Bookstores bring a tactile experience to reading, a place where I can pick up a book and feel it’s weight, where the smell of paper and ink and wood converge to create a magical aroma that beckons and entices; a place where brightly colored covers and experimental fonts compete for attention on tables and displays, where cover copy tries (and frequently does) to hook me in a few short sentences.

I love all bookstores, and it’s impossible to pick just one favorite, but here are a few:

Face in a Book, El Dorado Hills, CA

This local bookstore is a true independent, the labor of love for the owner who opened it for no other reason than her passion for books.  For a small, single store in suburban Sacramento, this store has jumped in with both feet, regularly supporting author events for both local and nationally recognized authors.  The store is warm, inviting and close to where I live.  How could I resist?

Rachel Hawkins at Face In a Book

Powell’s, Portland, OR

I’ve never actually been to Powell’s.  I don’t know anyone there and I haven’t been to Portland, but I will love Powell's forever for this display, sent to me by a friend while he was on vacation:

My Books on the Shelf at Powells!

It is so hard for new authors to get books on shelves, and even then, when the author is unknown and the books are shelved spine-out, it’s hard to get noticed.  This display is incredible.  Not only does Powell's stock multiple copies of all three of my books, two are shelved face out, and the note below SPIES is a recommendation for fans of Ally Carter!  Powell’s is a big, independent store with lots and lots of books and authors to promote, and I will always remember that it did this for me.

Park Road Books, Charlotte, NC

The New Years Eve email telling me my book was on the list!
Never underestimate the power of a single bookstore.  Park Road Books was gracious enough to host a signing for the YA Muses when we were in town for a conference, and Sherry, the children's specialist read every one of our debut books before we got there.  She thought SILVER was perfect for the post-Twilight reader who was ready for something a little more adult in the paranormal romance genre.  And she let people know, hand-selling SILVER to teens long after I left.  As a result, SILVER was on Park Road Books' list of bestselling and notable children's book for 2012, right up there with Rick Riordan and John Green.  It was one of the highlights of my debut year, and I will never forget it.

My local Barnes and Noble

I will never forget the first time I saw my book on the shelf at our local Barnes and Noble, especially because I had no idea that Barnes and Noble was going to be carrying it.

The Avid Reader, Davis, CA

The Avid Reader is an amazing supporter of local authors and has graciously hosted my launch parties for SILVER and SPIES AND PREJUDICE.  They do an amazing job, with lots of in store promotion, room for people to sit, beautiful displays.  

The SILVER Launch Party with all the 2012 Muse Debuts!

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