My Blueboard Heaven by Talia

This week we're writing about things that are helping us along our respective publishing journeys  For me, it was connecting with an online community of writers who were willing to share their experiences and unlock the mysteries of the publishing world.
As I got closer to finishing the first draft of my manuscript, I realized I had no idea what happened next.  I had typed "the end" and figured the next thing to do was find an agent. But I.  Knew.  Nothing.  Enter the internet.

I spent a lot of time poking around online, reading publishing blogs and educating myself about the query/submission process.  While I found a lot of great information, I didn't feel like I knew enough to leave a comment or do anything more than lurk in the shadows.  And I didn't.  I mean, I had been ready to unleash a first draft on the world.

And then I found a website that changed all that-
The Blueboard.

If you're not familiar with the Blueboard-it's a writing forum for children's writers started by author Verla Kay. It's one of the most supportive communities I've ever seen online.  You can check it out here:

The Blueboard has writers from newbies to best sellers and even agents who regularly give their perspective, and all of them are willing to share their experiences and knowledge in a friendly and supportive way.  Even when confronted with a rank amateur in possession of a not quite ready for prime time first draft and a lot of questions.  

It was the Blueboard where I got critiques of my first ever query letter, stalked agent response times, learned when a manuscript is "ready" to send out, and commiserated with my peers about waiting times and rejections.  It was the Blueboard where I first shared my own good news when I signed with an agent, and it's the Blueboard where I'll be, waiting out the submission process.

The Blueboard is a place where I can follow other writers on their own path to publication, celebrate their accomplishments and empathize with the frustrations that inevitably come along the way.  And when I walk into a bookstore and see a Blueboarder's book?  I feel like I've come across an old friend.

Verla Kay is an accomplished writer and one of the nicest people you'll ever meet. I'll be interviewing her here next week.  But for now there is one thing you need to know if you write for children: Verla's built the coolest clubhouse in the neighborhood, and you are invited to the club.


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