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Katherine Longshore 3 Friday, September 03, 2010
Welcome to a new phenomenon on YA Muses!  Every Friday, we will briefly blog about someone we find especially interesting in the writing community, giving pertinent information (website, Twitter name, blog address, etc.) so you can follow him or her, too.

This week, we feature Lia Keyes, who was instrumental in bringing us together.  Lia is the founder of Scribblerati, a social networking site for writers.  Here, we can blog, chat, critique, share triumphs and rejections.  The subheading on the site is: Where Stories Take Flight.  It was here that Talia created our first group discussion space, where we first shared our work and learned of our compatibility.   Thanks, Lia.

Scribblerati is also on Twitter @Scribblerati and so is Lia @LiaKeyes.  She hosts #scribechat on Twitter every Thursday at 6 p.m. PST (9 p.m. EST) and then posts the transcripts on The Scribechat Review.  (Interestingly enough, yesterday's discussion was about social networking).

Lia Keyes is a busy lady.  She does all of this for the writing community above and beyond writing her own books for young adults.  Find her.  Follow her.  It's worth it.


Delighted to see this recognition being given to Lia Keyes. She works tirelessly for the children's book authors and illustrators community and is to be highly commended! Cheers, Lia! Happy to follow wherever you lead...

She certainly deserves it. I don't know she manages to do so much for everyone. We all benefit from it. Good for her!

I'm in awe of Lia's accomplishments. Thanks for the posts, and I look forward to following... Happy writing!

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