The League of Extraordinary Writers - Follow Friday

This week's Follow Friday features a group of five writers who write in the dystopian/sci-fi genre. I particularly love this blog for its tips on world-building and writing craft.

Here's some quick info pulled off the League's blog on their upcoming books:

League Members
  • Jeff Hirsch, author of THE LONG WALK HOME, about a 15 year old scavenger coming of age after a nearly apocalyptic war.
  • Elana Johnson, author of CONTROL ISSUES, where one rebel fifteen-year-old tries to fight her brainwashing government.
  • Julia Karr, author of XVI, a novel set in the year 2150, where turning sixteen is anything but sweet.
  • Beth Revis, author of ACROSS THE UNIVERSE, a murder mystery set in space.
  • Angie Smibert whose novel MEMENTO NORA is about a teenage girl’s struggle to hold on to her memories—and her identity—in a world that finds it far more lucrative for everyone to forget—and keep on shopping.
Publishing Info
  • Jeff Hirsch, THE LONG WALK HOME, Scholastic, Summer/Fall 2011
  • Elana Johnson, CONTROL ISSUES, Simon & Schuster, Summer 2011
  • Julia Karr, XVI, Puffin/Speak, Spring 2011
  • Beth Revis, ACROSS THE UNIVERSE, Razorbill/Penguin, Spring 2011
  • Angie Smibert, MEMENTO NORA, Marshall Cavendish, April 2011

Who else is pumped for these titles? Go sci-fi and dystopian fiction!

Check out these writers' great blog. You're sure to hear about this crew soon, if you haven't already.

And Happy Halloween to all from the Muses!


Hi Veronica! Hi Muses! Thanks for mentioning us. We look forward to seeing your friends come by the blog to say hi. Happy Halloween!

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