The YA Muses Character Worksheet

There are plenty of writing tips and exercises out there, but there's only one YA Muses Character Worksheet.

This is a fun little questionnaire we bat around from time to time to loosen up the writing muscles. Try it with your protagonist. Try it again with your antagonist. Just try it.
You might be surprised...

1) If your character was an animal, he/she would be a:

2) Your character's favorite song/type of music is:

3) Their favorite ice cream flavor is:

4) If your character had an hour to do anything they wanted, they would:

5) Their phrase to live by is:

6) If your character walked into the room right now, you would notice/say:

7) You love your character best when he/she:

8) Your character bugs you when they:

9) If they suddenly appeared in Las Vegas with $500 in their pocket, the first thing they would do is:

10) The one thing you can't forget about this person is:

Now off with you. Go forth and write!


Thanks, Jennifer! We used it one day as a bit of a joke/writing break, but I think we were surprised by how helpful it was. Thanks for coming by the blog!

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