One More Wish

Katherine Longshore 1 Thursday, December 23, 2010
Being the Thursday girl in this group is a wonder.  I stand amazed at the capacity, intellect, skill and generosity of my sister Muses.  They bring so much to each week’s discussion and say it all succinctly, earnestly and beautifully.

But therein also lies a problem.  They say it all.  Which leaves me wordless.

Actually, I have no complaint.  Because they do it so well.  And I have to admit to printing some blog posts and sticking them up on my bulletin board.  Revision.  Character DevelopmentSuspense.  Between them, they have taught me so much.  To know them is a gift.  To follow them is a treasure.  And as I’m sure you’ve observed, nothing leaves me wordless.

Which brings me to one more gift.  Donna, Veronica and Talia have listed so many my heart yearns for – for myself, for them, and for you readers.  But a recent discussion with a writer friend reminded me of one more.

Time alone.

Especially in this holiday season.  I adore my family.  I love my friends.  My children give my life meaning.  My husband is a saint.  (With flaws.  A flawed saint.)

But sometimes just the presence of others can be a burden.  We writers are introverts.  Not necessarily shy and retiring.  I know writers who fill a room as soon as they enter it.  But we like our space.  Our quiet.  Our thinking time.  And that’s in short supply right about now, right?

So my wish for you this season is to be able to find those moments.  They don’t have to be writing time, though I hope you find that, too.  But we all need dream time.  Alone time.  A walk with the dogs.  A run.  A sunrise.  A shower.  A peppermint mocha.  Time just for you.  For your thoughts.  For renewal. 

It can be found.  It can be given.  And it is one thing it isn’t selfish to take.  Step outside.  Look at the stars.  Or the snow.  Or the rain.  And breathe.

Happy Holidays, everyone.


I know how you feel, my Scribe Sisters are so good at what they do that often times I'm speechless, but in a good way. What a wonderful gift to add though, and oh so important! Thank you for this reminder to enjoy those little moments.

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