Writing Gifts - V's Wish List

We're covering writing gifts this week. Donna's post really hit upon most of what I had up my sleeve - be sure to check it out if you haven't already! - so I'm adapting this post on the fly. Herein, you'll find my wish list (wish being the key word):
  • I would like a website that is as cool as MT Anderson's.
  • I would like a book trailer that is as creepy and intriguing as Ally Condie's.
  • I would like my writing to sound like a word soup made of Justin Cronin and Catherine Fisher's prose, with a little Susan Cooper thrown in for spice.
  • I would like hours and hours of writing time every day of 2011. These hours should be guilt-free and focus-full.
  • While we're on the subject of time, I would like hours and hours of READING time per day as well. For fun and for research. Hey, it's a wish list.
  • I also would like lots and lots of time with my friends, because they're really fun and being with them recharges me.
  • I would like a better writing chair. (Poor back support on mine.)
  • I would like a full supply of Le Pens, my favorite writing pen. In all kinds of silly colors because colors are nice. They make my notebooks less boring.
  • I would like my alien wrist baby to take a long vacation. (I should probably explain. I have a ganglian cyst on my wrist. Google it if you're curious. Or maybe don't. It's gross.)
  • More than anything, I wish for my writing friends to find happiness and deep satisfaction with their projects. Nothing inspires me or makes me happier than to see the creative rush flowing around me. So go write! Or paint! Or sing! And then come back here - I'd love to hear all about it!
Happy Holidays!


Ooh, this is a great wish list! I especially love the idea of having guilt-free time to write. *sighs*

I love your wish list! Who wouldn't want a trailer as creepy and intriguing as Ally's?! Sorry to hear about your cyst. Those things suck. Surgery helps but they can come back... Like aliens! ;)

I love how on MTA's website the hot air balloon follows you! That is just too cool. Too bad I don't have $1000 to shell out on websites (seen Robert Paul Weston's site for his book Dust City yet? http://robertpaulweston.com/dustcity).

Thanks for coming by guys! Heather - do you have a ganglian cyst, too? A few people have emailed me. I'm thinking of starting a support group. Ganglian Cysta's ; ) Yahong, the Dust City website IS great! Hadn't heard of it. Guilt-free writing time for all this year!

This is a lovely post, and I hope you get everything you wish for and sprinkle your extras around our home town and beyond.

Thanks for sharing this.

Author of You Want Me to Do WHAT? Journaling for Caregivers

I have one on my right wrist!!! Apparently it cannot be removed as is too close to vital veins, I've been told, time and again. Sometimes, I swear it aches. Galnglian Cysta's is hilarious.

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