Happy New Year!

This is a time to share resolutions -new and perhaps "not-so-new but still needed." I think there's something about sharing a resolution that helps it become a reality. So join us as we bravely put our plans out there for everyone to see in the hopes it will encourage us to hold fast to our resolutions.

Eathealthierlooseweightdrink8glasseswatereverydayexercisemakemybed. Whew. Got that out of the way. What can I say? Hope springs eternal every January.

And now to my real resolution for 2011 (not that the one above isn't real, self)...

Write twelve letters of appreciation, one per month, for the year of 2011.

Over the holidays, and during the break from my usual crazy work-filled life, I began to think about the people in my life who've done, and continue to do, amazing kindnesses that support my soul. I don't tell them often enough how much they mean to me. Then I had a brilliant idea in the shower one morning (don't those ideas always come in the shower?). I'm a writer. I've written books, television shows, journal articles, blogs. Why shouldn't I write letters? Letters that try and convey my love and appreciation for the people in my life? Now all that's left to do is decide where to start.

Do I begin with my incredibly successful, famous writer friend who always drops her busy schedule to meet with me every time I come to town? "You can do this. You deserve this..." she always says, and somehow when she says it, I start to believe I actually do.

Or maybe with my sister, who did a wonderful job of hosting Christmas this year? Since my mother's death, we were left with a huge holiday vaccuum of tradition, but my sister stepped up to try and make the turkey and dressing just like mom's. It wasn't the same. It will never be the same. But it was a new tradition and a brave new start.

Or maybe my assistant at work? She's a single parent with a severely disabled son who struggles every day to make ends meet. But even with her personal challenges, not a day goes by that she doesn't make sure that every aspect of my work travel and meeting schedule is meticulously organized. She greets me at my office each morning with, "What can I do to help?"

Or maybe one of my writing sisters who gave me an incrediby generous gift just when the rollercoaster of my writing life took a steep drop?

Or maybe my colleague at work that makes me laugh (and critiques my shoes) every day in the midst of budget cuts and layoffs?

Or maybe...? I'm sure you get the idea.

I'm blessed.


What a fantastic idea! It took a near death experience for me to think about doing something like this. Bravo to you for thinking of it with a little less prompting. ;) An excellent resolution!

This is a wonderful idea. Gratitude is so powerful and regenerative and humbling. It's really the key... I think the key to a good life. Love this. I think I'm on board with your resolution, too.

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