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If you're a big fan of YA reads, chances are you've already heard about Beth Revis's ACROSS THE UNIVERSE. This is the one with that first chapter--yes, that one--that made rounds a few months ago for its sheer brilliance. (I officially no longer want to be cryogenically frozen, thank you very much. And reading that first chapter, almost.... almost send me into fits of how can I ever be that good?-ness. Okay... it did.) Needless to say, this book had me counting down the days to its release (1.11.11 - nice, huh?)
Well shucks, guys. How can I say it except plainly? I really loved this book.
UNIVERSE is a triple threat: Great writing, great plot, great characters. What more can you ask for? Seriously? WHAT MORE???
Revis drops us into a world and situation that felt so fresh - a spaceship called Godspeed that's zipping through space en route to colonizing a new planet. Yay for a beautifully realized setting! I could imagine this ship so well, with all its bizarre little intricacies. The best part of setting, in my opinion, is the feeling it brings. With Godspeed, I felt this place. I felt the walls pressing in. I felt the bitter taste of the water. And I really want to try a grav tube sometime.
You have a dual narrative in UNIVERSE (which I love.) Protagonist #1 is Amy, a teenager from Earth who is awakened early from cryogenic sleep. And protagonist #2, Elder, is a teenager on board Godspeed who is destined to lead the ship. These characters were both charming and fully realized, but I have to say, I adored Elder. (See my boy-crazy post) Secondary characters also popped. I think I've known a few of them in my life, particularly Harley, an eccentric painter who is crazy cool.
Finally, the plot in UNIVERSE is a wholly original mix of murder mystery, thriller and dystopian. It's a big story, but it never feels intricate. There are plenty of great twists, right up until the end.
Strongly recommended. I'll be counting down the days to the next installment in this trilogy, too.
Let me guess.... 2.12.12?
Marking it on the calendar, just in case.


ATU is on my nightstand. Thinking of moving it to the top of the pile becauase I keep reading the most awesome comments about it. Thanks for the great review!

I'll have to go buy it, especially if the first chapter was geniously weaved. Can't wait, thanks for the great suggestion!

Ooh, I loved AtU. It was a fantastic story. I can't wait for the second one.

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