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With that in mind, we're opening up the switchboard to ask:


Do you have any specific questions you'd like us to address? Any particular topics?

If so, don't be shy - please leave a comment! We'll gather everything we receive and dedicate a week to reader questions.

Have a great weekend!


Let's see... I may be putting my cart before my horse, but I don't often see information on how to best connect with the actual readers of your book once you have a book out. We are all so good at connecting with other writers, but what about the READERS? How are some of you tackling this?

Revision. It's always my biggest problem, and I hoard other people's opinions & suggestions on revision like I collect books because, dang, do I need them. (And that's a BIG collection!)

I can say that I really learn from the posts concerned with writing the novel, critique and revision, reading about what it takes to pull a novel together, the blood, sweat and tears involved. Very helpful. I would love to read more of the same---process, character insights, plot devices, warnings, traps, tips on moving a character from room to room or scene to scene---anything related to making characters believable and a novel flow. Hope that's not too general.

Thanks so much for the great questions! This is exactly what we'd hoped for! We are fueling the reserve tanks!

No question, but in case you weren't already aware, V, UNDER THE NEVER SKY is pre-orderable now at ;-)

Tez, thank you for letting me know! Wow!!!! Thanks! How am I going to sleep?

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