Beginning Again & Gretchen McNeil's Cover for POSSESS

I'm close to finishing up my first novel, UNDER THE NEVER SKY.
(I never thought I'd say that.)
(But it's true.)
So now I'm standing at square one again. Ready to begin another novel.
Book Two.
And I've been avoiding it. Mostly because I needed a break. But also because the first draft is such a scary thing. Sure, there are beautiful, surprising moments. During the first draft, you become enchanted. Every song is about YOUR book or YOUR characters. Everywhere you look, you see ideas. Staring at the wall is only more fun when you are falling in love... actually, first drafts are a lot like falling in love.

But your heart also aches as you write it. There can be serious doubts.
Where is this going?
What am I doing?
Can't I do better than this?

Well, of course you can. It's a first draft. A launching pad. A foundation.
I must have revised my last manuscript a dozen times, and each pass improved it.
So the hard part for me now is taking that first plunge into the dreaded blank document. Even thought I know it will be a blast. And also somewhat torturous.
So here's to jumping in. One thing I know for sure - it's going to be a thrill ride.

Now, onto some really fun stuff. I was told by my publisher that they are closing in on a cover for UNDER THE NEVER SKY. I'm so excited to see what the design team at HarperCollins has come up with. They create amazing covers.
I'm thrilled to share one of them with you today. It's for the YA Muses friend Gretchen McNeil, whose horror thriller, POSSESS, is slated to hit shelves August of this year.
Congratulations on a gorgeous cover, Gretchen! Can't wait to read POSSESS!


Thank you SO MUCH for the love! And a MAJOR congrats to you!!!!

I would love to review Under The Never Sky for my blog when the proof copy's come out, would that be possible?

Gretch - you are so welcome. It's a gorgeous cover, and I am so excited to read it. Romi - I would love that! We won't have anything for some time yet, but I'll put you on a list of requests. Thank you & I love your blog!

Thank you so much! I'm so glad that is alright!
Ok, and thank you for following me!

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