Delirium, a Bookanista Review by V

Delirium by Lauren Oliver tells the story of Lena Haloway, a teenager living in a world in which love has been labeled a dangerous disease. As the story begins, she's awaiting her eighteenth birthday, the day she'll undergo a procedure that cures people of succumbing to love. Several weeks beforehand she meets Alex, a mysterious young man from the Wilds, areas outside of the protected city in which Lena lives. As they fall in love, Lena learns the true nature of her oppressive society.
Delirium is a gorgeously written, lovely book. Oliver draws her characters and setting with the finest brush strokes. I was particularly taken by Alex, (but that can't be a surprise to anyone who reads this blog.) He was a likable character, sparking every scene he appeared in. Secondary characters, such as Lena's aunt and best friend, were also vivid and complex. The story builds to a heart-pounding conclusion... or is it? This is the first of a trilogy. I'll be reading the next part of Lena and Alex's story as well.
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With two great recommendations now I can't possibly pass this book up! Thanks!

I didn't know that it was a triology!!! Yes!! Oh my word, that makes me so happy.

Also, loved Alex! Such a great character. Great review, V!

I am curious to know how the Muses are doing with their books. I really like it when you talk about your own experiences

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