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Katherine Longshore 1 Friday, March 18, 2011

Janice Hardy is a busy lady.  She is the author of THE HEALING WARS series, from Balzer&Bray at HarperCollins, featuring the strong heroine, Nya, who has the ability to remove pain with a touch.

But the reason I wanted to feature Janice on our Follow Friday is because of her blog, The Other Side of the Story.  She posts daily on the issues we have all come to know and care about:  pacing, plotting, character development, editing, etc., etc., etc.  The blogs are all tagged by subject, so if you find yourself wanting to know more about outlining, you just click on the Outlining&Process link and it will take you to all of her posts on the subject.  She includes posts on submitting, publishing and marketing as well.  I’ve found the blog to be a very handy tool for sparking ideas and reminding myself of things I already know but may have forgotten in the course of revision.  (Raising the stakes!  Of course!)

You can find Janice’s blog here:  The Other Side of the Story
And her website.
And follow Janice on Twitter.


I love Janice's blog. I am annoyed, though, that I can't get her books in Canada. Maybe I'll be able to find them when I visit the States at the end of the month.

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