Follow Friday -- Stasia Ward Kehoe and A Year of Auditions

Katherine Longshore 3 Friday, March 04, 2011
2011 Debut author and loyal Muse follower (and guest post-extraordinaire), Stasia Ward Kehoe, revealted her gorgeous cover this week.

 On October 13, AUDITION (Viking/Penguin) will hit the shelves.  It's a novel written in verse that tells the story of 17-year-old Sara, whose dream of becoming a ballerina is threatened when she falls in love with an older choreographer.  And she becomes his muse.  (We love it already).

Today, Stasia launches her new blog, A Year of Auditions.  This site will host writers, performers and writer-performers as they recount their audition experiences.  I predict it will be funny, heartbreaking, inspiring and eye-opening.  Visit and learn more about your favorite (and soon-to-be-favorite) authors.

Stasia's other blog, Writer on the Side, relates her daily writing experiences as she navigates this crazy world we all love.

You can also visit Stasia's website and follow her on Twitter.

Share your
audition story
 at Stasia's new blog


Thanks so much for the cover love, Katie! I can't wait to see your cover. And, btw, aweseome job on the button :)

Yay, Stasia! It's a beautiful cover. Congratulations & I can't wait to read AUDITION!

Thanks for stopping by, Stasia! And the new blog is fabulous.

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