Announcing the YA Muses Prep Your Pages Contest!

Veronica Rossi 13 Friday, April 29, 2011
As you may know, we met at a conference in 2009, for which we are forever grateful. As a result, we have a soft spot for conferences, and all that they bring to a writer. This year, we would like to pay forward some of our gratitude to other writers out there who are looking to form the right connection.
We’d like to help you prepare your selected pages for critique sessions, and/or evaluation at a conference. Even if you aren’t planning on attending an event, we hope you’ll still enter. We take pride in the intensive feedback we offer each other, and will extend that same helpful hand to our winners.
The prizes are as follows:
Grand Prize: a critique of the first 10 pages of your manuscript by all four YA Muses – you’ll get to see how we critique each others’ work, and build on each others’ strengths.
Four First Prizes: a critique of the first 10 pages of your manuscript by one of the YA Muses. Each winner will get a different Muse. Drawing will be random.
The contest is open internationally (electronic submissions and critiques).
From today through May 14th, you can enter by:
Becoming a new follower (one entry)
Commenting on the YA Muses blog (one entry per comment)
Tweeting about the contest using the @yamuses mention, or the #prepyourpages (one entry per tweet or retweet)
Enter one day or every day!
Winners will be announced Friday, May 20th.
Thanks and good luck!


Sounds great! I just tweeted a link. :)

Thanks, Pk! Remember to use the @yamuses mention or the #prepyourpages hashtag!

Would love to have you all weigh in on my work :-)

YAY! Enter me! yahongchi @ gmail . com

And here's my Tweet:!/YahongChi/status/64081763105910784

Oh my--this is very generous of the Muses! I don't Tweet, yet...but if I did...

Oh, please, please, please! I've been feeling so down about my YA work in progress. I know I'm a good writer, but feel like I have some missing story-arc-chip from my brain. I understand the first 10 pages wouldn't necessarily correct an arc problem, but would hopefully get me going in the right direction again. Thanks so much for doing this!

Here's my tweet: Get the first 10 pages of your manuscript critiqued by @yamuses.

Yay! Contest :D

Have tweeted and already follow this awesome blog. Thanks Yamuses...can't wait to see the winners!

Oh this is a fabulous contest! I've been a follower for awhile, and I just tweeted a link!

Wonderful contest. I just became a follower, so I hope you will Choose Me! Choose Me! Choose Me! (Too Tween? Not YA enough Sorry.)

Will saying "I never win these things" be the reverse psychology I need to win?

Then, I never win these things.

But it never hurts to try.

And I tweeted the link to this post. And I'm a new follower!

Thanks for the contest. I could really use some help with my MS.

GFC follower Alicia
Tweeted about it here!/aliciacald/status/66719403584143360

Cool contest! I'm an old follower, hope that counts :)



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