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As I look to finish my WIP in the next couple of weeks, my thoughts turn to the process of querying. It is exciting, but daunting. One website I've found that is especially helpful is Query Tracker. It's a great, FREE resource that allows you to organize and track your query letters to possible agents and publishers. The database allows information to be collected and shared, giving you access to useful statistical information about literary agents and publishers. It's also a great procrastination device when you want to just dream a little :)

Query Tracker allows you to:
*Use the database search tools to locate the perfect agent or publisher for your work.
*Organize and Track Your Query Letters.
*Keep track of your query letters using the tracking system available on the web.
*View Statistics about Agents and Publishers.
*Meet other writers who are on the query path, share experiences, and help each other along.


I love QT (and not just because I blog for them). The premium membership is deadly though (but I still love it). You can see the stats for individual queries (though you have no idea whose queries they are). This means you can watch to see (roughly) if your query is going to be reviewed soon. Great for procrastinating and for obsessing over. ;)

I agree, Stina. It is the PERFECT procrastination/obsession tool!

LOVE Querytracker. I'm one of those who found my wonderful agent through the slush pile. Querytracker was great place to keep track of everything in a way that was far more organized than I am in real life.

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