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For today's Follow Friday, we'd like to introduce you to Bookalicious, a book blog that focuses on reviews of YA and middle grade literature.  Hosted by Pam, a true friend of books and authors, the site provides a wealth of reviews, a great blog, and author interviews.  Pam is Hickabee's resident book blogger and an active member of the Northern California Independent Booksellers Association. 

Katy and I had the pleasure of meeting Pam and several other bloggers at the recent Northern California Book Bloggers Social.  It's always great to meet people who love YA books like we do, and Pam has probably read more YA books in the last year than most people will read in their lifetime.  Pam knows YA, but more importantly, she enthusiastically shares her knowledge with others.  She's a huge supporter of books and authors, going out of her way to actively promote books she cares about.  I'm in awe at the number of books she reads and reviews!

If you want to know about the latest YA releases, Bookalicious is the place to be!  Check out the website and chat with Pam on Twitter.


AND she's provided a search feature on the site. Very handy! It's a wonderful place to visit.

Wow, her website is fabulous. I could spend hours there. Unfortunately, I have a synopsis to write....

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