Last week was so exciting for me. I queried agents and FOUND an amazing agent in the span of about six days. Total whirlwind. Last night I signed the contract, and today I put it in the mail, so now I can officially tell you all.


I am now represented by Sarah Davies, of The Greenhouse Agency. Sarah is also the agent for fellow muse, Talia Vance. We have featured her before here on Follow Friday, but many of you have joined us since that last post.

So check out The Greenhouse and follow Sarah on Twitter @sarahgreenhouse.


Congratulations, Donna! What an exciting time--wishing you and Sarah Davies all the best!

Yay! Congrats!! Sarah seems pretty awesome. :)

congratulations Donna! I'm so thrilled for both you and Sarah! I can't wait to share your wonderful book with the world!

How exciting!! A huge congrats to you! And best of luck in your writing endeavors! :)

Congrats Donna! This is fantastic news! Sarah is so sweet. I got to see her recently at a conference. You are in good hands!

So so proud of you, Donna! Congratulations, me dear!

Congratulations - that's wonderful news! Greenhouse are an awesome agency - not that I'm biased or anything ;-)

Kate, I see that we are agent sisters! And at about the same point in the process. Please keep me posted on what's happening with you. It's a very exciting time, isn't it?

Way to go! Many congratulations, Donna!

Congratulations Donna! Can't wait to watch your career grow :)

OMG, congrats! Sarah is the best! :)

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