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Veronica Rossi 8 Friday, June 10, 2011

This week, it’s my pleasure to introduce you to Carolina Valdez Miller.
I met Carolina earlier this year and instantly hit it off with her. In addition to being a talented YA writer, Carolina is warm, funny and incredibly generous. You’ll find all of these qualities over at her blog, but my favorite reason to visit are for Carolina’s book reviews. Guys, you don’t want to miss these. Few people invest as much thought and care into their book reviews. They are brilliant.
So head over and check out Carolina’s blog. I guarantee you’ll return often.
Happy Friday!


Agreed! I met Carol at the San Francisco Writer's Conference this year, after having been Twitter and Blogging buddies for a while. She is and amazing, supportive lady! Love her!

So agree. Carol writes such lovely, thoughtful reviews! A great FOLLOW!



You guys!!!!

Here I am, looking at Stat counter, wondering why I was getting so many hits from your blog, and then I saw your tweet, and OMG!!!! You are too sweet, too generous, too kind. But thank you. V, I could say all the same things about you and more. I hope to meet up again soon. At the heart, twins, you and me. Love you!! Hope to meet all of you guys someday soon.

Heather and Stasia, you're both brilliant. <3 you, too!

Carolina is totally awesome! I'm just starting to get to know her a little through blogging/twitter/etc., and can already tell she's a keeper. :) Her blog is fantastic, one of those I read as soon as it updates.

Aww. So cool to see all this support. Such a cool community. Carol *is* awesome, as are the rest of y'all. And btw, Meagan, I haven't had a chance to congratulate you yet, so CONGRATS!!!!! xoV

Chiming in with a Yeah! She does have an awesome blog. Thanks for this!

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