The Goat Dog: A Story in Pictures

Once upon a time there was a very good dog named Cassidy. She was eleven years old, sweet, easy to train, and very obedient. She hung out at home with her best friend, Stu.
Everything was so nice that their owner, Donna, thought it'd be great to get a new puppy to keep them company.

So she brought home Roxanne. Roxanne was really a goat disguised as a cute, chocolate lab puppy. When Donna was gone, Roxanne entertained herself by eating a pound of sugar, a kiwi, and a couple of potatoes out of the pantry.

But she was really sorry (notice the sugar still stuck to her ears).

Another time when Donna left, Roxanne ate the firewood and the birdseed in the basket by the backdoor.

But she was really sorry.

Then Roxanne, the Goat Dog, had a big party with the feather pillows on Donna's couch. When Donna came home, she tried to stay very still like a Sphinx and be invisible, so maybe she wouldn't be noticed...

Because she was very, VERY sorry.

Now, Roxanne has to stay in her crate when Donna is gone and she is trying to be good (most of the time). She likes to play with Cassidy and sleep with Stu. She is part of the family, even when she is a goat. Roxanne's big news is that she will be able to see herself in print when Donna's new book, SKINNY, comes out in Fall, 2012.

P.S. I think having pets is a must for a writer, don't you? After all, who else can give you unconditional adoration and also provide you with great stories?


Hysterical. Love the picture at the end with kitty and doggy sacked out. TG for crates. And TG for pets! Never a dull moment.

Ha, my favorite picture is the one with the feathers. Yeah, Roxanne, we totally don't see you there.

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