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Veronica Rossi 7 Thursday, July 14, 2011

The perfect writing day for me would be in the winter, with a heavy rain beating at the windows of my office. I’d have my sweats on, a big mug of coffee at my desk, great music playing, and all the time in the world.

The reality is that there are usually at least six children (only two are mine) tearing around the house, slamming doors, yelling, asking for food, or asking for more food. The phone rings. People need to be picked up or dropped off. Doors slam again.
Meanwhile, I write. How do I do that in the midst of this chaos? Well, I have two great teammates. They are named Lola and Ivan.
This is Lola.

She’s my girl. I love this dog. I love all dogs. But this dog is special.
This is Ivan.

He’s new. We just got Ivan but everyone’s crazy about him already. He’s either very regal or very mischievous. Mostly mischievous.
Lola and Ivan are always with me in my office.
Here’s Lola on my desk. Yes, on it.

That was her spot until Ivan took over.

They’re my little pals. My protectors, even though they sleep most of the time.
When the kids burst in, or the doors slam, either Ivan or Lola will lift their head and look at me.
This is what I imagine them saying to me: You got this one? Because I’m feeling pretty darn good over here. Hurry back, though. We’ll be here waiting for you. We like it when you’re at your desk, making that tap tap tapping sound with your fingertips.
And I do hurry back. And they are waiting for me.
In a strange and wonderful way, they provide a sense of continuity and peacefulness to my loud and chaotic day. Even if I’m not experiencing the perfect writing circumstances, they help make every day pretty darn good, as Ivan would say.


I would definitely hurry back for those two. They are so cute!

Love doggy on the desk--great photo. And Ivan! Mischievous? But he looks so composed in his cuteness! There really is nothing like the company of pets. Very soothing (and sometimes painful with a kitten in the house).

*squee* Ivan's so adorable! Hopefully his cuteness doesn't distract you from your writing work ;-)

Great stories this week! ... It is neat how you all learned to accept and love their crazy behaviour. Congratulations!

Thanks for the comments, guys. I do love my little buddies : ) Fun week on the blog.

Isn't Lola a little LARGE for that desk? I'd be afraid she'd kick my computer off...

I have Stella my pug, and Nekki, a black tuxedo cat. Nekki only comes by to eat, and she walks right over my keyboard while I am writing. Stella sleeps behind me on a loveseat. When I get stumped or need a break, the sound of my chair moving wakes her immediately and she is ready to either take a stroll, eat a snack or sometimes I just take cuddle breaks with her, especially after a long writing day.
Ivan is probably one of the most adorable cats I have ever seen. Lola is a beuty too.

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