Supporting the Crazy, Another Take

Veronica Rossi 5 Thursday, July 21, 2011

This week, we've been shining the spotlight on a writer's support network. The posts have been really special. We writers can be a tough bunch to live with and the friends and family who put up with us deserve a little recognition.

We thank you for:

RESPECTING THE INTROVERT - Thank you for allowing us to spend hours alone, with nothing but coffees, our computers and our imaginations. When we seclude ourselves, we don't just affect our own lives. Our sacrifices are often your sacrifices too.

WEATHERING THE UPS AND DOWNS - Every stage of the writing process has its ups and downs. From the writing itself (Draft Two, I'm looking at you) to the querying process, to revisions and marketing, and whoa! Let's stop there. My point is that each and every day has the potential to be AWESOME or TERRIBLE. The right word Katy talked about? You can find it, and you can also not find it. Every day is new. We ride the crazy train. It's what we do. But thank goodness you're there for us when we step back onto the platform and return to REAL LIFE. You bring us perspective and stability. Both are very necessary.

SUPPORTING THE LEAP - There are no guarantees in writing. A writer can work for a bunch of years not ever knowing if they'll earn any income. Many people think we're foolish dreamers. But you don't see it that way. You, supporter, see us as fearless and tenacious. To you, we aren't throwing away hours, we are building a dream one word at a time.

LISTENING WELL - Thank you for listening when we tell you about the plot problem that's stumping us. Thanks for listening even when we repeat ourselves. Thanks for listening even when we repeat ourselves. Hah. Gotcha.

TALKING CAREFULLY - Similarly, we appreciate the carefulness with which you provide feedback. We writers are perceptive. That pause--that tiny pause before you say, I like it, means something. So thank you for knowing when to pause and when not to pause. There is a time for straight up honesty, and there is a time for undivided support. You walk that line and for that, we salute you.

Above all else, thank you for sharing in the journey.


"When we seclude ourselves, we don't just affect our own lives. Our sacrifices are often your sacrifices too."

That is something I not only need to thank my family for, but that I need to remember when I'm taking the time away from them to write. I better not squander that time - it's their time, too!

Brilliant. I'm calling it four for four so far! Setting the bar high this week!

Thanks, Bret! And Beth, that one is the hardest for me... the sacrifices we ask our loved ones to make for what we want to do. I agree with you. I think using that time wisely is the best thing we can do to honor that sacrifice.

Super like. Visiting the Muses always uplifts my day (or brain!).

Aw, thanks PB! You just uplifted my day!

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