Conference Highlights

We're all still in LA, so this will be short and sweet.

There were so many amazing, inspiring keynote speakers - but my favorites included Libby Bray's address, "Writing it All Wrong: A Survival Manual." She had the 1200+ audience in the palm of her hand. Hysterically funny, but exactly what I needed to hear. Then Gary Paulsen walked up to the microphone and shared his incredible life story. But the absolute highlight for me was seeing and listening to Judy Blume. Because she is ...well... JUDY BLUME!

LA was also wonderful for seeing people in person. Writing is often an isolating career, so having those face-to-face meetings can be especially meaningful. This time, I had the opportunity to meet Debra Dorfman, VP and Publisher for Scholastic, and heard her speak on "After Acquisition: Then What?" This was especially timely for me since I had just been through the process. Of course, I'm a little biased since Debra is my publisher (I love saying that... MY publisher). I had the opportunity to meet with my new film agent, Jerry Kalajian, in the lobby of the Century City Hyatt hotel and felt incredibly Hollywood. I was also able to spend time with my agent extraordinaire, Sarah Davies, and had a lovely dinner with other Greenhouse clients. And of course, finally, there was the fabulous pool party where we all danced around wildly in our pajamas.

Even with all the fabulousness mentioned above, the BEST thing was spending quality time with the Muses. I feel incredibly blessed they're in my life and seeing them in person (and having them share my birthday in LA) was priceless.


Late Happy Birthday too!!!!

Donna, you are so right! The muses are incredibly blessed to have each other! What an amazing group you are!


I love it! I wish I could have been there. Happy birthday, and I love the new photo up on your site!

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