Another New Title

I just got word that the title of BANDIA is changing.

I always knew the title could change, and my agent Sarah and I spent days last summer coming up with a number of options before we submitted under BANDIA.  We were torn, because BANDIA is a Gaelic word that is important in the book, but it's also a word that's largely unrecognizable to most readers.  As recent confirmation, my Google alert kept returning misspellings of Japanese video game company Bandai, and nothing related to Celtic mythology.

So BANDIA is still an important word in the context of my story, but it is no longer the title of my debut novel.

The title is simple and evocative, and also has a strong connection to the story.  It's a title that I've loved since Sarah first suggested it last summer, and I'm thrilled that the team at Flux agrees.

From this day forward, the book formerly known as BANDIA shall be called SILVER.


SILVER is a very nice title!

I never realized titles were so flexible. I mean, I know they can be a pain in the butt sometimes, and people change them. Question for the Muses: how many of you have published/are publishing books that have the original working title you came up with?

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