GILT cover, part deux.

Katherine Longshore 6 Tuesday, October 25, 2011
My apologies to all of you who couldn't get past the Flash technology on my teaser trailer, here is the cover in all its simple glory:

Plus the tagline from the back:  In the court of King Henry VIII, who you know can get you in, but who you love can get you killed.


Beautiful cover, BUT, if I may, that tagline is very explosive. Short, bitter-sweet and it immediately draws me in. I love it.

I love it, too, Angela! I wish I could claim authorship of the tagline...

Beautiful cover-- and HENRY VIII! I am going to read this!

Thanks, SJ! I hope you enjoy it!

SO GREAT! I love the way the letterG overlaps with her lips. Beautiful. And amazing tagline. Cheers to a great cover!

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