The Shiny New Idea

You've heard of these, haven't you? That brilliant idea that pops into your mind when you're halfway through your current work-in-progress? It's bigger, better, shinier than what you're working on?

SNI's were not something I understood until very recently. I tend to be very single-minded about things - what I'm working on gets all my attention - so I was always envious when I heard other writers talk about their SNIs (Looking at you, Talia). Then a few weeks ago, in the lobby of my acupuncturists office, I picked up an old magazine, read an article, and BAM! There it was. 

Sparkling, gorgeous, and soooo SHINY. And gorgeous. With soooo much potential. I could go on. I want to go on.

I cannot wait to work on this idea. The only problem? I have two books to finish before I can touch it. That would put me somewhere in late 2013, early 2014 by the time I can write it. Yeah... a year and a half. Ouch. It seems too long to wait. So I'm not going to wait.

Here are some of the ways I'm going to keep the idea shiny and close until the time is right:

Let it simmer - I've been thinking about the protagonist's backstory, the setting, the story arc, the antagonist. I love having these ideas swimming around in my head.

Write it down - I've got the file started. I don't look at it often, but it feels great to know I'm building something little by little. I almost feel like I'm stashing away presents, until it's the right time to open them.

Research - SNI will require a lot of research. I have ordered books and magazines and thought I haven't had time to read them yet, I hope to start soon. The best kind of research inspires, and I'm excited to see where that phase will take me.

A year from now, I hope the allure of the SNI is stronger than ever. And I hope, by spending this time researching and imagining it, the story sings when I finally get my hands on it.


Congratulations on the review on Good Choice Reading that came out yesterday! 10 of 5 stars!!!

I also noticed on Facebook today that they posted a cover for "Under the Never Sky" that seems slightly different than the one I had seen on Goodreads (the letters seem simplified)... I like it too!

This happened to me once, too. And I had to force myself to finish my current manuscript before starting on the SNI. I think it's a good test. If the SNI is still shiny when you're done with your other work, then maybe it has some power to it.

Thanks, Anonymous! And yes, Beth. Being forced to wait is a good litmus test, isn't it?

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