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This week as we head toward a big Thanksgiving meal with family and friends, we're making a wishlist for our own fantasy dinner party.  I wanted to cheat and invite the Muses to my house, because I know they can be counted on for great conversation and screaming laughter, plus they don't mind that my cooking consists of ordering in.  But the fun of this exercise is indulging the imagination, so I decided to have a dinner party consisting of a few literary folks I stalk, I  mean follow, on Twitter.  Hope they like take out!

Beth Hull- you might recognize her as a frequent commenter on this blog, but did you know she has a hilarious blog of her own?  It tackles topics from motherhood to querying agents, and it's awesome.  I've met Beth in person, and she's as warm, friendly and kind as you would expect from her comments here.  I can't imagine her not getting along with anyone I seated her next to.  Plus, her fiction is lovely, a perfect marriage of literary merit and commercial appeal.  I want to say I knew her when, and so will everyone else at the party.

Rachel Hawkins- I loved DEMONGLASS and HEX HALL. Sophie is a great character, with laugh out loud lines and a healthy dose of sarcasm.  I imagine Rachel as Sophie minus the demonic powers and plus a little writing and craft talk.  

Bookalicious Pam- Okay, her real name is Pam Van Hylckama, but you may know her form her website Bookalicio.us where she is the resident book blogger for Hicklebee's.  Pam is an amazing blogger, and social networking queen.  Her genuine love of books, bloggers and authors comes through in everything she does.  Plus, she has connections everywhere.  She KNOWS things.  You definitely want to try to get a seat next to Pam.

Myra McEntire-  Author of HOURGLASS and the forthcoming sequel TIMEPIECE, Myra is one of those people that has a knack for making everyone feel welcome. I only "know" her from a few interactions on Twitter, but even just reading her Twitter feed, it's hard not to feel included. She also has a healthy dose of Southern hospitality that should make up for my own lack of hosting skills.  Plus, she writes really hot boys.  Who doesn't want that at a dinner party?

Kristen Held- Kristen is an aspiring author who writes funny middle grade fantasy.  Her writing is a kick, but you should hear her read it out loud.  Kristen has a background in theater, and a distinct voice for every character. I bet I can get her to do a reading.  Plus, she has hilarious stories from her work as a costumer on movie sets. 

Sarah Rees Brennan- Author of THE DEMON'S LEXICON trilogy.  Have you read her blog? She is HILARIOUS.  I feel like she would come into a room with a tornado around her like Taz. I confess to being a little afraid of her- big personality, crazy writing talent and a sense of humor? Hmm.  I think I'll put her next to Rachel Hawkins and see what happens.

Steven Hall- I actually don't follow Steven Hall on Twitter.  I don't even know if he's on Twitter. Steven is the author of THE RAW SHARK TEXTS a quirky, strange and altogether fascinating novel that I still don't completely understand, but that I often think about.  Steven has also wrote 36 un-chapters that are not in the novel, but are hidden online or in the real world, only some of which have been discovered.  Intrigued yet?  Yeah, I have a few questions for Mr. Hall.

Caroline Hanson- Author of a sexy series of adult vampire books, Caroline Hanson is just as funny and outspoken as the character she writes. Maybe I'll put her on the other side of Sarah Rees Brennan and see what happens!

There are bunch of other folks I'd love to invite, but lets round this one out with last week's blog guest Lorin Oberweger who could share some writerly inspiration and help brainstorm that perfect plot turning point.

Oh, and you're invited too!  No need to bring anything but a few good war stories and a willingness to stay up late into the evening talking books, craft, gossip and all things publishing.


I'll be there! (will arm wrestle for seat next to Beth)

I'm so crashing this dinner party. Sounds perfect!

Thanks for the (virtual) invite, Talia! I'm there, and I'll bring my world famous cheesecake!

Sounds like awesome company!

I'm LATE! But I'm honored, and can't wait to meet all the others! So...when does this fantasy Thanksgiving take place? As far as seating, maybe we can musical-chairs it? I want to sit next to everyone!

Hurray! Count me in! I promise to sit quietly and not do anything to draw attention to myself. Until the mulled wine kicks in.

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