Best Gifts for Writers

Continuing our series this week, here are my recommendations for gifts for writers:

1. Fingerless gloves - For warmth, fun, and coolness factor. Because we writers can actually say we need our fingers free to type.

2. Coffee & Tea - The good kind, in all kinds of flavors. We writers like to sip, and type. Yes?

3. Book Store Gift Certificates - We love to read, and it gets expensive. Certificates to a local independent book store are preferred, but the big chains will see us now and again, too. (Similarly, many of us love music, so gift certificates for that are also appreciated.)

4. Scarves - (OK, this is venturing into "gifts for me" territory) In the winter, I'm almost always wrapped in a scarf when I write. Call it uniform. Call it a security blanket. Doesn't matter. Love them in all colors and fabrics.

5. Notebooks - I like the Moleskine notebooks. Most of my writing happens on a computer of sorts, but you have to carry a notebook at all times as a writer to capture that perfect snatch of dialogue you overhear at the grocery store.

6. Massage - Do you sit at a computer up to ten hours a day? Then perhaps you know where I'm going with this.... A little loosening up is good in a largely stationary practice.

7. Tennis Shoes - Yes, you heard right. To piggy-back on the above, writers need balance. Writers need to move in order to offset the sedentary nature of writing. A good pair of tennis shoes, sweats and an iPod. We're writing about the world, right? I think it's important that from time to time, we get out there and see it.

8. UNDER THE NEVER SKY - I hear there's this great book that's coming out... OK. Sorry! I couldn't resist. I'm really nervous, you guys. Less than one month! Anyway. I do think it would make a good gift for readers of YA/Crossover fiction. I'm buying it for a bunch of people : D

What are you wishing for this holiday season? What have I left out?


Fingerless gloves are already on my list! I'm tired of feeling frozen while I type.

And totally asking for UNDER THE NEVER SKY. Duh.

Could not have come up with a better list myself! Love this. Am going to accidentally leave it open on my husband's computer.

A lot of people have been suggesting fingerless gloves. Think I know what to get myself as a stocking stuffer now. :)

You know, Under the Never Sky is a bit late for Christmas but I've heard it will be a fabulous birthday present (for my January birthday). Hopefully my wonderful hubby gets the hints I've been dropping. ;)

Oh, and fingerless gloves are perfect for just about anyone who spends a lot of time at a computer--even us office job types! :)

Jessi and Jessi, I'm happy to email the husbands, if that would be of help ; ) and, yes, Pam, fingerless gloves are a perfect stocking stuffer!

Fingerless gloves are a must! I do data entry so I'm always using them.

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