Holiday Gift Ideas for Writers

As Katy mentioned yesterday, we had some great ideas for this previously on the blog. But there is one thing I can add this year that I couldn't in the past. KATY LONGSHORE'S AMAZING NEW BOOK, GILT!! And the BEST thing is you can win it! Check out the details on the banner above. This is definitely my number one gift for myself this season!

Now for a couple of other ideas:

1) I'm so excited to be asking for ULTRA-fine tipped SHARPIES, because this is the year the YAMuses get to actually start autographing! So much fun and the rumour is this is the best thing to use.

2) Writing my novel last year, I learned how much a bulletin board of images can be an important resource. I'd love to have a Post-it® Self-Stick Cut-to-Fit Unframed Bulletin Board or a Magic Whiteboard.

3. Massages are great gift ideas! Carpal tunnel, stiff necks, and creaky backs are the occupational hazards of a writer's life. Bath soaps, manicures, rock climbing gym passes, and yoga classes are also great ideas. Writers tend to spend too much time in their heads; help them reconnect with their physical side.

4. I talk to myself a lot. Most of the time about my story ideas, but you never know :) A good digital voice recorder would be a terrific gift, especially for the car.

So what about you? What would support your writing life this holiday season?


Maybe I'll just use your list - it's a good one!

I've also been wishing for a giant (like classroom-sized) whiteboard for a long time. And a room big enough to fit it in. :)

I absolutely need a giant white board. I'm a list maker. Any reason for me to cross something off :)

I have to consider some things since I'm on the unpublished side and still working with 3M sticky notes lost in my purse. :-)

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