Under the Never Sky Launch Party!

I'm kind of brain fried today, but in a totally good way. I flew out to California this weekend to surprise Veronica at her book launch on Saturday. I can't believe we were all able to keep the secret and the expression on her face was priceless. So worth the trip! If you weren't able to enjoy the bash, I thought I'd take a break from regularly scheduled programing and let you experience it a bit virtually.

So here are Katy, Talia, Sammy (Talia's daughter) and me at Rakestraw Books. It was packed with people from all over the country!

This picture is quite symbolic for me. The original Muses met in a critique group led by Ellen Hopkins and here Ellen is getting Veronica's autograph on her debut novel.

After all the signing, we went next door to a wonderful wine bar to continue the party. When you read UNDER THE NEVER SKY, you'll fall in love with Roar. Who knew Roar was named after a fabulous California wine? Not me, but I so approve! It was delicious.

It was a fabulous party and a fantastic launch. Veronica, we're so proud of you! Here's to UNDER THE NEVER SKY taking the world by storm.


The pic of Ellen getting a signed copy is PRICELESS! What an amazing moment that must have been for all of you! HUGE congrats to all the Muses.

So great! Looks like a huge success. Congratulations!

It was an amazing day. Thank you, Donna, for the wonderful surprise. And thanks Elle and PB for the comments! <3!

Oh yay! I'm sorry I missed it, but I was thinking of all of you!

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