Katherine Longshore 5 Tuesday, February 07, 2012
I love springtime.   I know it's early February and all of Europe is blanketed in snow and really, it should be winter.  But here in California, It's been dry and warm (until today) and spring is giving us a sneak peek.

And the daffodils in my yard are beginning to show their lovely heads.  Daffodils are my favorite flower.  Because they look like little trumpets, heralding the coming of spring.  They are just so joyous.

What does all of this have to do with this week's blog theme?  Aren't we talking about the "Seeds of Inspiration"?  Yes.

And no.

To grow daffodils, you plant bulbs.  You plant them in the fall, so they wait in the frozen ground over winter.  Hibernating.  Ready to herald the spring.

Some ideas are like that.  They don't just find fertile soil, sprout once and grow into amazing trees and bear gorgeous fruit.  Some ideas sprout and die back.  Sprout and die back.  They hibernate over winter.

Some ideas stay with you for a long time, raising their lovely heads now and again to remind you that they are there.  That they are beautiful.  That they will come back.  And then they hibernate again until the time is right.

I have an idea for a novel that I've wanted to write for years.  The bulb was first planted by a song.  It sprang to life and I took notes.  Then I wrote something else.  It sprang up again and I did research.  Then I wrote GILT.  The little buds of this idea are coming up again.  I wrote a few pages before my edit letter for Book 2 came.  I may write a couple more after my deadline.  But it will still have to wait.  I have other things to write, and I'm just not ready.  But I know it will be hibernating.  Just like I know the daffodils will return to my garden.

We all have seeds and fertile soil.  So many ideas and so many hours of writing.  But I'm sure you all have daffodils, too.


Thank you, Katherine. I needed this today.

Beautiful and inspiring as always, Katie!

It's interesting that you mention this. We sometimes need a reminder that jumping on the "shiney new idea" immediately isn't necessary. Sometimes it's served up better with a little time and sunshine to grow.

Thank you, ladies! I think all of us will have ideas that take time to build -- and will endure in our imaginations until the right moment for them to be written.

Sometimes I take the bulbs out of the ground and handle them a little bit before burying them again. Just to remember the magic of what's waiting for me...sort of like what you're doing with your shiny idea.

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