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For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been on what feels like a single, continuous sprint as I toured for the launch of NEVER SKY, and as I race to revise the next book in the trilogy. Days are long. Sleep is optional. Friends and family? Love ‘em. Don’t see ‘em much though.

I’m struggling to find time to read, and I love reading. That’s why I became a writer. And as Lenore said in her guest blog last week, along with writing regularly, reading is most important thing writers can do for our craft.

So. Amid the chaos, here are the things I’ve been picking up, and really enjoying:

SKYLARK (Meagan Spooner) –I think the best thing I can call it is Magic-Punk? Dystopian meets magic? The writing is stunning. The world-building is impressive. Beautiful images. Keep your eyes open for this one later this year. It's something special.

SHADOW & BONE (Leigh Bardugo) – This one’s going to make some waves when it comes out in May. This is a rich and fast-paced fantasy, in a Tsarist Russian setting. I grew up reading fantasy novels, and this book has a flavor that I’ve really been missing.

ART & FEAR (Bayles/Orland) – For you writers out there, pick this up. It’s a short book--easy to flip through--and invaluable for those of us on the creative path. I start every day now with a few pages of this little gem.

What about you guys? What are you reading right now?


Those sound like some wonderful titles. Hoping things have been going well with the novel writing and touring.

I've been toiling through The Book Thief. It's an interesting read, though I'm more into action so it's taking me a bit to deal with the whole, "Death" as the narrator thing and the somewhat slower pacing.

Good suggestions, Vee! Great to see you high on Huffington Post's "Top 10 YA Books You Should Read". Well deserved!

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