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It seems strange to draft a blog on blogging.  It's like writing on writing, which is kind of what we do here at the YA Muses, but still.  It feels so self aware.  Too much self awareness makes me uncomfortable.

But that's what blogging as a whole as done for me.  It's made me more aware of things than I ever would be if I didn't do it.  Each week, I stare down a topic and try to figure out what I can say about it.  It forces me to analyze craft in a way that I might not otherwise do, to break down things and figure out what makes a story tick. 

I'm not saying I wouldn't do those things on some level anyway, but it forces me to really focus and see what I've figured out so far, and sometimes, what I still don't quite understand.  (Voice, anyone?) 

I have had some true "aha" moments here on the blog, where I've learned things as I wrote them.  Where I've learned from the other Muses ("the icave" has saved me in recent months), and where I've learned from your comments.  I enjoy learning, I love analyzing stories, but I have mostly loved connecting with other writers. 

And that is the joy of blogging.  I loved doing it when it was just us Muses blogging to each other, and I love doing it now.  It never feels like homework.  Okay, the essay on Inception kind of felt like homework- but I still loved writing it.  In fact, that blog was swimming in my head begging to get out.  I even volunteered to do an extra blog post on plotting.

And that's when I knew I was hooked on this writing thing.  Not just blogging, but writing novels.  And figuring out how to write them, so that each is better than the last. 

Blogging is part of the whole journey for me.  And I don't plan on stopping anytime soon.


A blog on blogging...dare I say it? Okay, I will: It's so meta!

Seriously, though, your posts on craft are teaching others, and I've always learned from teaching, so what you're saying makes perfect sense. (I, however, fear that I'm not making sense, but I'm in a bit of a rush, so. Apologies.)

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