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When I began seriously pursuing publishing a novel, after being out of the publishing world for awhile, I immediately noticed some pretty big changes. Most revolved around social media and technological shifts in marketing. It wasn't just about writing a good book, although that of course is the primary step to everything else. It was also about web sites and Facebook and Twitter and blogging. It was a daunting, and sometimes confusing, world. Where should I invest my time and energy? Do I need a website? What about my author page on Facebook? How many people need to "like" it? But one of the biggest question for me was, should I blog?

Everybody blogs now, right? My vet blogs, my insurance agent blogs, and even the president of my home owner society blogs (now that's a fascinating read, believe me). Blogging is a popular way for authors to build a following. It also seems a natural fit for writers. But, after doing this for a couple of years, there are some things that I've learned about blogging.

Things I don't like about blogging

It's another deadline. Most Sunday afternoons I spend writing the blog for Monday morning. Most Sunday mornings I spend feeling guilty because I haven't yet wrote the blog for Monday. Deadlines are just part of the writing life, but the procrastinator in me never finds them pleasant.

It's time consuming. I have a full time job with a hectic schedule, so finding time to write, and think about what I want to write, is challenging. Sometimes blogging takes me out of my mindset for writing on my WIP and focuses me on a completely different topic.

You can't edit blog posts to perfection. A published piece of writing, especially a book, goes through many, many, MANY edits. There is time and multiple opportunities to catch commas and misspellings. A blog post is often a first draft piece of writing, and it often goes out to the world with mistakes still intact. That's sometimes a very stressful process for me. I have to hit "post" before I think it's ready.

Things I love about blogging

You can't edit blog posts to perfection. Yes, I know this is a repeat. I love the fact blogging makes me let go of my inner critic in a way that, even if it is scary, is completely freeing, too. It's a writing exercise that I need every single week.

You have an immediate connection (and receive immediate feedback) from readers. I'm just at the point in the publication process where ARCs of SKINNY are going out for review (yes, that's why my nails are chewed off to the nubs). With blogging, however, you don't have to wait. The audience is immediate.

You get way more back than you give. Remember that time commitment and deadline I mentioned earlier? It's all worth it. The community of readers and writers developed by a blog can be more supportive than ever imagined. There is a sense we're all rooting for each other (and we are). I've never met many of the readers who regularly comment here, but when I do (and I certainly hope I do) I feel like I already know them.

Writing is a solitary endeavor. I think sharing a blog makes it a little less lonely. So if you blog, we'd love to hear from you this week. Share a link to your own blog in the comments. Tell us why you do it. We'd love to hear your thoughts on blogging.

P.S. And now a random sunset picture from my trip to Florida last week.

Ahhhh.... breathe....

and blog :)


So this is absolutely hilarious to me as I was just thinking about this insane blogging biz yesterday. I am a full time worker, full time mom, part time writer, and part-part time blogger. I seriously need more than 24 hours in my day to get it all done! But I love to blog. It's liberating. Way back in the day (won't use actual numbers here, yikes) I used to write in diaries, and then later 'journals' (since that was way more grown-up), and blogging is much like that. It's a chance to put out there what we truly feel, think, what makes us smile, grit our teeth, and give props to other writers, authors, or whatever. I LOVE authors who blog. For us mere readers it's a chance to really see the author as they are. Sure, their books show some of what they are but, as you said yourself, that is after everyone in the Pub House has hand their hands in it. Sure, the book is still their words, but a more refined set of words. I liken it to a job interview... The person in the job interview is still YOU, just a more refined you. The interview 'you' is not the same 'you' that shops with friends, laughs at corny jokes, or is on the receiving end of thrown spaghetti from the toddler at home. The blogs are a way for us readers, fans, stalkers, whathaveyou, to see the real person behind the books we so very love. Thank you for sharing, Donna.

When I started, all I wanted was a website, and before I knew it there was a blog in the template. Whoops! Started out five days a week, but now I'm down to 2-3. It still takes a lot of time, but it can be so much fun. I love hearing from my mom friends that I've made them laugh on the "Momming Around" posts.

Donna, I also have a really hard time publishing a "rough" draft. It makes me shudder every time.

I read the blog post. I really did. I enjoyed your points regarding the things you like and dislike about blogging. But my mind went left when I saw the picture of that sunset. It's just so beautiful. Like the sun is spilled across a blush-covered canvas.

I agree with your likes and dislikes, definitely. Blogging also can get my brain working before I begin working---and can remind me to have fun with writing. Gorgeous photo!

Beautiful picture! Must be the Gulf Coast! Gorgeous colors.

Blogging is a full time job for me. No I don't get paid, but I'd be rich if I did! I write posts 4-5 days a week. I read 5 books a week and still feel like I'm always behind. I'm a bit overwhelmed right now, but when I get out of these next two months, I'm going to change things a bit. I'd like time to be a writer every day instead of just during NaNoWriMo.

But I love your blog. I love that each of you blog a different day and on the same topic. I love learning about you and that you aren't really unapproachable like I always think you are. Authors are like rock stars to me!

Buried in Books

This is a question I ask myself often - why do I blog? I don't think there's any one answer: it's a therapeutic writing exercise when something's on my mind or I don't have time to immerse myself in fictional writing, and it's a great way of connecting with people and authors all over the world who you wouldn't otherwise have the opportunity to communicate with. I love reading this blog, all the topics you guys cover with all your differing opinions, it's fascinating :). I love seeing authors 'behind the scenes'.

It was so beautiful, Angela! Wonderful bed and breakfast called Harrington House on Anna Maria island near Tampa. I highly recommend.

Thanks, Heather. I had to laugh out loud at the thought of being a "rock star." Made my day :)

Thanks all for sharing your blog addresses (and your comments)

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Here's the link to my blog-

The main reason I started this blog over a year ago is like Veronica, I hoped to connect with people.

I wanted to find folks who liked the kinds of books I did, especially those who DON'T have kids or young siblings under five, to act as "Social Covers."

While I've deviated from this initial goal, I'm going back to basics this year in that regard.

I also wanted to "Find my tribe" so to speak, of writers, and readers, who get and respect my passions.

While I do need my alone time, whether it is writing related or not, I don't want to be a hermit all the time.

The only things I want for my blog are-

1. To be fun

2. Educate, NOT Intimidate!

3. To form a community of writers and readers who feel entertained and empowered.

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