Guilty Pleasures

Donna Cooner 2 Monday, May 07, 2012
We are getting very close to a major YAMuse event--the release of GILT by Katherine Longshore into the world on May 15!  We're evidently not the only ones excited.  Amazon selected GILT as an editor's pick for best books of the month!

To get us all in the mood, this week we turn out attention to the topic of guilty pleasures.

One of my favorite guilty pleasures comes from years of teaching kindergarten.  Right after lunch, I'd turn down the lights and turn on some soft music.  They would all get out their mats and we... I mean they... would NAP. There's nothing better than a good, deep, "forget the rest of the world", dream-inducing nap right smack in the middle of a Spring afternoon.

Sunday afternoons are the best for napping.  Open up the bedroom windows so the curtains can blow back into the room.  Crawl under the covers.  Listen for awhile to the dogs in the neighborhood barking... the kids playing...the birds.  Forget about the fact it's graduation week at the university, and the video shoot you need to do for your publisher, and the deadline you have for book two.

Close your eyes.


This is what I saw when I opened my eyes today
The guilt may come when you wake up.

(Perhaps in the form of a very judgmental cat whose bowl is evidently empty)

But in my opinion this guilty pleasure is so worth it.


Yay for GILT. I love historical, and YA needs more of it.

I also love sleeping with the window open...but an afternoon nap? I don't think I've had one of those since I became a mom:(

My cat judges me, too. He even SIGHS at me! ;-)

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