My Favorite Books Growing Up

Veronica Rossi 3 Thursday, June 28, 2012
Before we talk favorite childhood books, I'd like to share some exciting news with you. Today I revealed the cover to my second book, THROUGH THE EVER NIGHT, over at my website. Please come by and let me know what you think!

Now, to subject du jour. Our favorite reads growing up. Here are a few titles that spring to mind.

Authors I read over and over:
Judy Blume
Susan Cooper
J R Tolkien
Jane Austen
Charles Bukowski
Stephen King

(I just want to pause here because I noticed how terribly eclectic this list is. This has to be the first time Charles Bukowski and Jane Austen are on any list together in the history of history... right?)

More books I loved:

*Still some of my favorite books

Books I read that meant something to me even if I didn't necessarily enjoy them (Sorry, but I'm just trying to be honest):
Lord of the Flies (scared the crap out of me)
A Separate Peace (saddest book ever)
The Dubliners (in particular, The Dead) (blew my mind on all fronts)

Books I read that I am reluctantly sharing but I remember enjoying:
Sweet Valley High series (the original gossip girls)
FLOWERS IN THE ATTIC (because everyone was reading that series. Also, in retrospect: ew)

I'm going to stop now before I embarrass myself further.

The thing I've noticed in compiling these lists is how influential books are in shaping the way we think. I learned about human nature in LORD OF THE FLIES. Judy Blume taught me that it was okay to be afraid of growing up. The COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO taught me that nothing on this planet is sweeter than well-orchestrated revenge... kidding. But seriously. Books are magic, caught on paper.

I think these lists just became my re-read pile.


I know about the re-read pile. I'm wanting to find my Nancy Drew collection. I wanted her car so much!
Seems like the books I read were mostly about family, I forgot to include the Happy Hollisters and the Bobbsey Twins. You all are probably too young to even know who they are.

I love the new cover of Through the Ever Night! Tweeted it, but I find twitter to be kind of like walking in a crowd alone, so don't know if anyone noticed. But personally, cannot wait! LOVED Under the Never Sky, one of my favorites. Perry looks great!


The lists this week have had me thinking of my own childhood favorites, which is so much fun!

Also, I peeked at your cover. Gorgeous, gorgeous!

Heather, thanks for coming by and I know what you mean about twitter - but I really appreciate the tweet! And I'm so happy you liked UTNS!
And Beth - thank you. How's the little man doing today? Mine's turning TEN today. Just wait. You'll be here before you know it...

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