It Takes a Village to Publish a Book by Donna

Our topic this week is The Writing Community and I immediately thought of all my wonderful writing friends, including the Muses, who support the craziness.  They are an amazing community for sure, but there is another group of people who recently became visible in my writing life.  They make up the community who support the writing after the sale.  Some I was aware of, but others  have come into my life as the process of publishing a debut novel evolved.  I made a list below, but it is certainly not inclusive of everyone.  The list is also very individual to my journey and other authors would have different people on their particular lists.

These are just a few of the new people who came into my life since I wrote SKINNY:

1.  Agent - critical match.  This will be the person who handles everything and everyone.  Ideally, he or she will be your biggest cheerleader and your most passionate supporter.

2.  Editor - another critical match, and one you may not have much control over.  In my case, my editor is a kind, enthusiastic, smart critic.  She makes me a much better writer (and that's what it's all about).

3.  UK Agent
4.  Film Agent
5. Publicity/Marketing Directors
6.  Publicist
7.  Book Club Managers
8.  Audio Book Director
9.  Actor for Audio Book
10.  Web Designer
11.  Foreign Rights Representatives
12.  Art Director
13.  Book Designer
14.  Cover Model
15.  Copy Editor (very important :)
16.  Book Bloggers
17.  Regional Sales Representatives
18.  Bookstore owners

So, why did I share this list?  Perhaps because, before I took this journey, I didn't think of writing as a "people" business.  I now realize how many people it takes to bring a book to publication and then into the hands of readers (and we're not even there yet, folks). I am now also aware of how important it is to have the right people, who absolutely LOVE your book, on this list. Every single person above now has some "stake" in my book.  

It's an awesome responsibility and one I don't take lightly. So, from everyone who is now a part of this community --- GO SKINNY!

Part of the SKINNY community - 

We all have multiple voices in our heads, it's just a matter of which ones we listen to. In "Skinny," the incredible debut title from Donna Cooner, an overweight teen battles her weight, her shyness about her beautiful singing voice, and most importantly, she battles "Skinny," the vicious voice in her head that's always trying to bring her down. This witty title from Scholastic will be out soon, so make sure you don't miss the amazing job Liz Morton does in reading this one!


I've learned so much regarding what it really takes to bring a story from shiney idea in one's head to a hard cover in the hands of a reader...or an e-book format. I'm still in the beginning stages, getting feedback from betas and getting encouragement to continue on this journey.

You list is pretty extensive, yet, as you mention, there are others that you haven't been able to add. It really does take a village. :-)

Forgive me for being absent this week, but this is a very important topic to me.

GO SKINNY! Don't forget the Blog Tours! Skinny (my copy that I won from you) is out on a blog tour right now) Of course, those are Bloggers that set those up, too.
It's so funny that growing up I always thought that writing was such a solitary life. I think that's what appealed to me. But now I know, it isn't. It truly takes a lot of people to make a book a success!

Your time is coming soon!!

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