30 Seconds

My one wish for the world?
More wishes!
Ha ha ha ha…oh, wait…that loophole got plugged?
Dang it.

Well, fine. Then my wish is for everyone to have 30 seconds of positive inner reflection per day. Think about it: What if everyone (myself included) in the entire population took 30 seconds each day to reflect on the good things?

We’re all so busy and focused on what we lack, we gloss over the things we have. In fact, if you’re reading this on a computer, smart phone, or tablet…and I guess you have to be…then I say you’ve got it made compared to most of the world.

But going one step further: most of us have loving family and friends. Our health is reasonably good. Food is close at hand (too close sometimes). We’ve got books to read, movies to see, and TV to watch. There are vacations or conferences or weekends to look forward to. Shoot, maybe the best thing in your life is that there’s a bag of chocolate chips in the pantry…but it’s something. 

I’m not trying to say we’re ungrateful, but that our day-to-day commitments come at us so furiously that we don’t take that moment to *warning: cliché approaching* “stop and smell the roses.” 

If everyone took half a minute daily to reflect on what’s good, I bet we’d be a lot happier as a world overall. Maybe we’ll shake off the road rage next time that dude cuts us off. Or we’ll forgive our spouses two minutes sooner for leaving the toilet seat up (sorry, sweetie) for the ump-teenth time. Or we’ll just smile for a little longer every day.

It doesn’t sound like a lot, but over a lifetime, I bet it sure feels like it.


I've been of a similar mindset recently. Thanks, Bret. This is a good reminder when it comes to the whole rose-smelling thing.

I've been getting more in the mindset to reflect on the positive given I've been having talks with my daughter about appreciating the things she has. Ended up taking my own advice.

Great post!

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