All SILVER -- all week!

This week we officially welcome our newest YAMuse book into the world - SILVER by Talia Vance. Doesn't it look amazing on the shelf in my Colorado Barnes and Noble store?  (Of course, it's keeping some great company thanks to a little reorganization of the alphabet)

I'm from a Celtic background, so the whole idea of a story with Irish mythological roots is intriguing.  Combine all that with witty, snappy dialogue and loads of sexual tension and you have me hooked.  I also love the idea that Brianna, the main character, is invisible to those around her until that certain someone comes along who can actually see her.  It hearkens back to those wonderful themes of old fairy tales like the Princess and the Pea and even Beauty and the Beast.

Talia is fantastic at writing hot male characters, and that is certainly another reason to recommend SILVER, but I think most readers will find it hard to put down because of the multi-layered plot and the surprises around every corner.

So check out SILVER and if you are near the Avid Reader next Saturday, come meet us and help celebrate Talia's launch!

On Saturday, September 15th at 4PM, The Avid Reader in downtown Davis will host a four author Young Adult event!  The event is the launch party for Talia Vance's new book Silver but we will also have readings from Katy Longshore, Veronica Rossi, and Donna Cooner.  There will be books, cake, and prizes!


Yay, Talia!

Donna, you're so right about that sexual tension & the dialogue. How does she do it? Incredible. Readers are going to LOVE this book.

Dancing in my seat, can't wait for Saturday!

Congratulations to Talia! I can hardly wait to check it out. It does look great on that shelf. ;)

Hooray! Many congratulations. I wish I could attend the launch. I'll look forward to pictures. Have a wonderful time!

Thanks! It is so exciting to have an actual, real-life, book out in the world.

Heather and PB, I wish you could join us in Davis. You have both been along for the ride since day one when we started this blog.

Veronica, Donna and Katherine will all be signing their books too (or in Donna's case ARCs), which makes the launch that much more special to me.

Congrats to Talia! Sorry I'm late on that, but where is Skinny in that picture??

Talia, I was busy reading and reviewing Silver so I couldn't get here until today! You've got a winner!


Sorry, forgot, just because I've read it doesn't mean it's out! Skinny doesn't come out for another month.
What I wouldn't give to be at that signing! I live just a bit too far, though.


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