A Week for SKINNY

Four Muses on the shelf at Barnes and Noble

Today, October 1st, is the official launch day of SKINNY into the world.  I'm not sure how I'm supposed to feel, but you name it and I'm probably feeling it.


My pre-launch weekend was a fantastic, surreal weekend at the Anderson's YA Book Conference in the Chicago area.  Here are the highlights:

I had my first official school visit with four hundred eighth graders in a cafeteria right after a fire drill.

I spoke to wonderful, engaged kids about serious issues of self concept.

I autographed lots of real books for people who weren't even related to me.

I saw (and introduced myself to) an adorable eighth grade girl reading my book at a coffee shop in Winnetka, IL.

Me, Maggie  Steifvater, David Levithan, Sharon Cameron, and Raina Telgemeier
David Levithan compared SKINNY to his incredible, best selling book, EVERY DAY, in his keynote address.

How lucky was I, a debut author, to be featured with THREE Scholastic authors currently on the bestseller list? (Maggie Steifvater, David Levithan and Raina Telgemeier)

I was driven around Chicago in a black town car with my super attentive publicist by my side in the back seat.  (There was also this really cool penguin martini shaker, but it didn't have anything in it.  I checked.)

One eighth grade girl asked, "Is the SKINNY voice still in your head?  Did it go away?"  and I said, "It never goes away.  I have to keep fighting it.  Every single day.  Some days it's screaming.  Other days it's just a whisper.  But it's still there...and now I know it lies."

My first sight of SKINNY on the shelf!

I'm so grateful for this journey and hope, if you're anywhere near Fort Collins, Colorado this weekend, you will join The Muses and me to celebrate at the Beach House Grill on Saturday, October 6 from 4-6 pm.  There will be champagne, cupcakes, and snacks.  Books will be sold by The Old Firehouse Books.


Congratulations! I read SKINNY through NetGalley a few weeks ago and I am still thinking about it. (My review is here, if you're interested: http://readingontheftrain.blogspot.com/2012/09/sunday-sunshine-whatever-will-be-will.html)

I really hope this book gets into a lot of classrooms and libraries--I wish I could have read it when I was Ever's age. Best of luck!

Three cheers for Skinny! It is now out and about in the world so all can read.


Donna, I am so happy for you! Congratulations! I'll be there in spirit on the 6th. But not in a creepy way.

Congratulations! My copy is on it's way. I'll be checking the mail eagerly. Love reading about your adventures. Have a fantastic launch! Looking forward to the reporting back.

Congratulations, Donna! Am back from Montana and heading to my favorite bookstore to buy Skinny. Looking forward to reading it.

Planning to buy this for my Kindle--looks intriguing but what's up with the model-type on the cover? Is there a reason for that? Just asking...

Ever does change at lot during the book, but also covers are not usually designed by authors. Hope you do enjoy the book.

Thanks for all the well wishes! Hope you all enjoy.

Oh Wow! How's this, I reviewed Every Day today! Wow David Levithan is tall! And wow were you in good company, but you usually are on the Muses! I posted my review to Amazon today. I loved Skinny! What a beautiful novel about finding your own voice. I hope you had a great time celebrating it's release!

And I clicked on the picture at the top! I can't afford the workshop but I hope I can get my books signed, you're coming to my TOWN!!


Aimee Friedman (Editor!) October 2, 2012 at 9:04 AM

I got shivers reading this. So, so proud of you and SKINNY. I'm so glad you had such an amazing time at the conference. Sending good wishes and hugs for the launch party!

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