In praise of SKINNY

One of my best friends likes to say that every creative idea exists, in the Universe, as a complete and perfect entity. When we sit down to write or paint or compose a song, the ideal, flawless execution of that creative impulse is out there already. It’s just waiting for us to uncover it. For the right time, the right circumstances, to come together like pieces of a puzzle, forming a perfect whole.

There was no waiting with SKINNY.

I remember reading the first chapter, well before Donna had completed a full draft, and thinking, this already feels complete. This feels like it already exists. Ever was breathing in those pages, a beautifully drawn character with a real, significant struggle to overcome. I saw the story unfolding before my eyes, by page five, and I wanted to be a part of it through to the end. Because I am a part of it. We all are.

Raise your hand if you’re not insecure about something.

I thought so.

SKINNY is a story for anyone who has ever struggled with negative voices around you--and more importantly, in your head. Through Ever's journey, we are given such an entertaining and honest example of battling that negativity; her triumph could hardly be more moving or inspiring.

I am so very proud of my dear friend, Donna. She is such a talent, a character herself, funny as the Dickens, with a smile that’s so contagious, you’d need a HAZMAT suit to resist it, and heart that (I can actually use this cliché for her) is as big as Texas.

I am so proud of her. And I’m so happy, for all of us, that this incredible story exists.

Donna signing SKINNY at BEA

I was able to get VIP access to give her a hug.
(Thank you, Aimee!)


Wow, what great photos! The Muses are an incredible story and it just keeps getting better.

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