Meet the YAMuses: Charlotte, NC

Are you going to be near Charlotte, NC this Thursday, October 25 at 4:30 pm?  Come say hello!  We'd love to meet you.

Meet the Teen Authors: Park Road Books Author Panel

Join debut YA authors Donna Cooner, Veronica Rossi, Katherine Longshore and Talia Vance in an engaging author discussion panel moderated by Bret Ballou.  Learn more about the process of writing a story and what inspired the authors to write theirs. Audience: Teens (12-18)

300 E. Seventh Street, Charlotte, NC 28202

And best of all – it’s all FREE !

This week our theme is "Mistakes."  I'm going to cheat a bit and share a post I read recently about making mistakes when looking for an agent. I know many of you are at the point of starting to consider seeking representation, and I thought this would be a great resource.  

11 Mistakes Writers Make When Approaching Literary Agents


    Okay, Damn! I missed the discussion! There was a talk and I missed it. That's why I had the notebook, Brett! I never go to these things without one because I always get so many good tips. See, I thought it started at 5:30 and my son had to take a biology test after school, so just damn! That's why all those chairs were set up! Well, I got to meet you all and chat with you and I have my fingers and toes crossed for your next little thing you send into the world!

    I was so excited to meet all of you! It's great to put names with faces especially since I'm such a big fan of all of yours. My 12 year old is so used to meeting the same authors ( we always go to see Beth Revis and Stephanie Perkins because they live in our area) I think he was so excited to see some new authors. Especially Brett and Donna. Brett because you're a male author and you're not a hundred years old and Donna because you actually gave him some good advice. I just wish he could find his niche in this world. He might have to search the internet for another 12 year old that writes to trade writing pieces with to get feedback with. He's unusual. I can't wait for Talia's Spies and Prejudice to come out and as Under the Never Sky is one of my best of the year I am eagerly anticipating Through the Never Sky. I can't wait to see what's next for all of you! It was so great to meet you in person and I saw how close you were as a group. I'm hoping I'll be lucky enough when I need a critique group that I'll find one that is just as supportive and cohesive. So, I think Brett's next. Can't wait to see it!

    Truly fantastic meeting all of you,
    Heather Rosdol

    No worries, Heather. It was great meeting you and your son. Thanks for all the support and encouragement. All of us truly appreciate it! Can't wait to see you next time and, until then, to read your comments!

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