Mistakes on the Writing Journey

You want to hear something weird? The things I regret in my writing journey haven't been mistakes. My mistakes sure felt bad when they were happening. But hindsight is such a wicked little thing, isn't it?

When I look back, I don't just see what I did wrong. I see what I learned in the process. I see that experience and knowledge came with the scars--and I sometimes thing they only come with scars.

Mistakes also give you an opportunity to shine. I tell that to my kids. Everyone stumbles, but it's how you pick yourself up that matters. I truly believe that, and try to live by that sentiment.

What I regret more than taking wrong turns on the writing road is being distracted or moving too hastily. Every day, I strive to find pure enjoyment in the act of writing. I try to relish the characters and the story, and stop myself from being crowded by this voice wanting this thing or that voice wanting another.

I'm the guilty of putting obstacles in my own way. I can over-think the business side of writing and let it take over. I can stress about peripheral things to the point that they slide front and center, and the writing fades into the background.

My mistake, in a nutshell, is worrying about things I have little to no control over. That is a terrible error, and sadly, it's one I battle with often.

The writing comes first. At least, it always should.

What about you guys? What do you think about the stumbles on your writing path?


I stumble with the same things. I have daily battles with my confidence and my obsession with my goal over writing. I'm getting better handling how to deal with it, but it always lingers around.

My mom always likes to remind me it's the journey, not the destination. It's really annoying when she says it, but I see truth in it.

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