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Do you think I'm getting a big head? 
Last week the YAMuses were fortunate to speak at the first "Your Best Book" workshop for writers of middle grade and young adult fiction in Charlotte, North Carolina. We talked about revision tools and had great conversations about writing and craft long into the night.

The conference was created by the talented folks at Free Expressions and featured speakers:
  • Josh Adams – Agent, Adams Literary
  • Tracey Adams – Agent, Adams Literary
  • Emma D. Dryden - Founder & Principal, drydenbks LLC
  • Lorin Oberweger - Director/Owner, Free Expressions
  • Brenda Windberg - Editor, Free Expressions
Veronica, Talia, Me and Bret at the ImaginOn signing
After meeting all the talented future authors attending the workshop, we also had the opportunity to speak and sign books at ImaginOn, an amazing children's library/theater in downtown Charlotte.  The book signing was sponsored by Park Road Books and deftly handled by the most enthusiastic and knowledgeable bookseller I've ever met, Sherri Smith.  I'm always grateful when people make a special effort to attend book events and it was fantastic to meet book blogger, The Authoress, and one of our most faithful blog readers, Heather from Buried in Books.

Veronica at ImaginOn

On Saturday, we all grabbed planes back west just ahead of Hurricane Sandy.  Today, back home in sunny Colorado, I'm sending good thoughts to all the new friends we left behind and hoping you all keep safe.

P. S.  And to the "Your Best Book" participants, thank you for a wonderful warm reception and KEEP WRITING!

Talia reading aloud from Katherine's book in her best British accent

P.S.S.  We missed you, Katherine!


FYI, my "best" British accent is vaguely Southern and not at all good, but I tried to channel Katherine as much as I could. It was great seeing everyone who came to the conference and event in North Carolina. We met some talented writers who I'm sure we will hearing more about soon.

I can't believe I was standing beside The Authoress and we didn't meet! We've emailed and I thought about emailing her but just didn't get to it! It was so great meeting all of you! And I'm glad you got home safely. Charlotte has a bit of wind but we're fine here. Halloween might be chillier than expected!

I am worried about all our bookish friends whether blogging, reading or writing in the NE. Need to send good thoughts their way.

I'm glad you enjoyed your time in Charlotte and hope that means you'll consider coming back sometime. I know it's a long way.
Thanks for visiting! And glad you got home safely!


Thanks for all the great revision tips and the inspiration!

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