Writing Scary, or Scary Writing?

This week, we're talking about Writing Scary.

It's something I'm trying to improve upon in my own craft... Right now, for me, "writing scary" makes me think of my first drafts. Those are pretty frightening. I'm right in the middle of one now, for Book Three in the UNDER THE NEVER SKY Trilogy.... I do think I might have kept my editor up a few nights with those....

I digress.

What I know about writing scary is limited, but it is this:

Scary is built on anticipation. It's built on not knowing, more than knowing. Scary slows down, and gives us minute by minute information. It is visceral, and yet it is also mental. Our hearts beat fast, or imaginations gallop ahead of us, wondering, what's really behind that door?

Here is a far more eloquent post by my pal, author Susan Dennard, on the subject.

Now, if you really want to see scary, I give you my new writing pants. I think they need a name, don't you?


Thanks for the scary writing pants giggle! Actually they look very comfy. Susan's post is great.

Those pants remind me of California!

Also - the scene where Aria, Perry, and Roar are being chased by the bell clanging bad guys in the wild? I was so scared. Knowing Roar could hear them, but being in Aria's head when it happened, AH!

I agree with sallie, you did a fabulous job in UtNS with this! And those are some seriously stylin' pants. ;)

Those pants look so comfortable! Fingers crossed Ivan's claws don't make holes in them...

Thanks, guys! I'm glad I was able to, uh, scare you? And yes, Tez, the pants were purchased with comfort in mind. And b/c I feel like a crotchety old man when I wear them, which weirdly puts me in a good mood. Yeah. That made no sense....

I can see how crotchety old man pants could make a person giddy. They're great. :)

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