"Live" from the THROUGH THE EVER NIGHT Launch Party

You may notice that it's Monday and Donna isn't posting. Now, the world didn't actually end...it's just that Donna wasn't able to make it to Veronica's launch party for THROUGH THE EVER NIGHT which went down on Friday night at Rakestraw Books in Danville, CA. So she asked me to report from the front lines.

Overall, it was a fun event full of UNDER THE NEVER SKY lovers and people who love Veronica - though most of us fell into both categories.

A handful of us met for a quick bite before the event:
The woman of the hour drinking the hard stuff
(ALL that sugar)
Kristen Held and Talia
Beth Hull and Katherine

At the event, Veronica said some nice words and signed books for a few hours straight:

The line to get a book signed didn't let up the entire time!

Me, Veronica, and
dedicatee, Flavio Rossi
Then, of course, there was the after party:

Yes, those wine glasses are as big as their heads

Thumbs up, Veronica. Way up.


Congrats Veronica, looks like you had an amazing launch party!! :-)

Wonderful photos! What a great celebration. Congratulations, Veronica!

Thanks Sara and PB! And awesome recap, Bret! It was a great night. Really fantastic.

Huge Cheers, Veronica! I'm so thrilled for you, it all looked like a blast! :)

Great book + great friends + great wine = such a lovely night!

So wish I could have been there too!! Congrats again on your hard work, V. You're awesome!

Awesome! I haven't been to Danville in a long time ...

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