Hooray!  This week marks a very special YAMuses' event.  The second borns are coming in to the world.  After a year of debuts, we are perhaps a little less stressed, a little more relaxed, and oh so happy to welcome the new crop of Muses books to hit the shelves.

Veronica Rossi kicks it off with the release of the much anticipated THROUGH THE EVER NIGHT.  If you loved UNDER THE NEVER SKY, you will be over the moon for the next installment.  Your favorite characters - Perry, Aria, Roar and Liv - are all back, and there's heart stopping action in every chapter.

So what do I love most about TEN?

That's a very difficult question, but I have to say I love that it is a fantastic "middle."

As many of you know, writing the middle of any story is difficult.  In my mind, writing the middle book of  a trilogy is even more challenging.  How do you write a whole book that can stand alone and can also be a suspenseful, engaging middle of a larger work?  I believe Veronica Rossi has done just that with THROUGH THE EVER NIGHT, and it's a masterful example of pacing.  Characters are introduced to new readers, but readers familiar with the story aren't bogged down.  The fantastical worlds Veronica created are described in meticulous detail, yet again, she doesn't lose fans who already know this world.

With perfect pacing and suspenseful action played out in wonderfully cinematic scenes, Veronica's new book will not disappoint.  My only frustration is in waiting for my next opportunity to experience the world of Perry and Aria.  I just didn't want to leave them.

Congratulations, Veronica.  We're so proud of you!

And welcome to the world, THROUGH THE EVER NIGHT!


Very cool. I enjoyed UNS so I'll have to make sure I get TEN as well. :-)

Thank you so much, Donna. And how did you know that ELF was my favorite?

Hooray and happy celebrating! Looking forward to the read. PS. The Elf clip is hysterical.

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