The Trump Desk

"Sheesh, Bret again?! He's supposed to be on Friday," you say. "Where's Donna?"

Well, Donna and Talia have been galavanting around New York City these last few days as the world of children's literature descends on the Big Apple for SCBWI's winter conference. She and I traded days this week so she could give y'all a full report on her adventures.

Anyhow, this week's theme is "My Desk/Where I Write," sooo... I wanted to give you a quick tour of "where the magic happens" for me. The main space where I write is this big A$# desk that carves an office space from our oversized formal living room. I got this desk from a consignment store when we found out the baby was on the way and I knew my writing would soon be happening at home. This desk is so massive I have to believe that Donald Trump owned it at some point. I fully plan on making my children schedule appointments with me.

  1. iMac: I'm an Apple guy, through and through. I love my 21.5" iMac. The screen is a good size and it faces in so that I can face out which is good for a couple reasons...first, I can see people coming and going. And second, nobody can sneak behind and read over my shoulder. 
  2. Coffee Cup: I'm very, very partial to this double-wall, vacuum-sealed traveler from *bux. It conforms to my hand perfectly and (most importantly) keeps my coffee HOT for hours. Since the baby came into our lives, I make a big french-press pot in the mornings before I write. I use the darkest roast I can find and drink it black (as God intended). 
  3. Bankers Lamp: This antique used to be Grandma Anna's and while it provides the Trump Desk a touch of class and a lot of light, it provides a reminder of a lady who was one of the biggest supporters of my writing. 
  4. Vertical Organizer: My wife is a stacker. Now, her stacks have definite organization to them, but they can take up a lot of space - especially on the Trump Desk. So this nifty thing keeps my workspace (relatively) clutter free. 
  5. Family Portrait: A visual reminder of what life's all about. I love having my cheering squad reading over my shoulder. 
  6. Painting from my Mom: My mom is a scientist and part-time painter, which is where I think I get my engineer/writer combo from. She gave this to us as a wedding present and I love bears. So this is both sentimental inspiration and art for the office. 
  7. Johnny Jump Up: This little contraption has allowed me to finish a scene countless times. I can keep a watchful eye on the lil'guy and not feel completely guilty about writing because he loves bouncing, swinging, and spinning in this contraption that I think of as the Best-$20-I-Ever-Spent.
  8. (Not Pictured) The Dogs: Our two Lab Mixes are often curled up behind the Trump Desk while I they are right now, as I type out this post. They make sure I feel supported and that I take plenty of breaks to give them pets. 
So there you have it, the magic that I surround myself with in hopes that some of it rubs off on me and my work.


Great workspace, Bret. The family touches are where it's at. Also, having family members make appointments--I'm so stealing that idea!

I wish I had a desk that size! So does my husband. Instead I take over the bed, the desk, the floor, the bookshelves, his dresser, the dining room table. If it's flat, I lay something on it. And inevitably cannot find it when I need it, that's where my husband comes in. He finds it while I stand around and call myself stupid.

I do love your homey touches! Have to disagree with the coffee, God also made sugar and cream to go into that coffee for not only the caffeine high but the sugar rush!
But that Johnny Jump up, I'm ashamed to say my kids both would jump themselves to sleep in them they loved them so much. Our doors are double sized and they would bounce and swing until they fell asleep and you know the say, never wake a sleeping baby. I didn't!


That desk looks much too clean. But I'm probably saying that out of jealousy. I'm like some sort of B-movie sci-fi horror creature that expands to fill whatever surface is available. Well, not me. My stuff.

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