Book Blog Week

Welcome to a week of book sharing! 

Feel free to join in to tell us what you've been reading lately.


I recently completed The Dragon Empire by Heather McCorkle, which I enjoyed very much. Now I'm stealing a few minutes here and there to read Christine Rains 1300 series. I'm reading The Marquis right now and it is great!

I just finished up Deep Betrayal by Anne Greenwood Brown the sequel to Lies Beneath and now I'm going back and forth between The Art of Wishing by Lindsay Ribar and Spellbinding by Maya Gold. I have to either read straight through or juggle books. I get bored very easily.


Just finished "Under the Never Sky"--that book needs no intro! AM about to read "Phantom of the Tollbooth" (World Book Night giveaway!) and "Dear Senator"- Senator Thurmond's Daughter's Memoir. Pretty eclectic reading.

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