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DAMN FEW by Rorke Denver

An excellent autobiography by one of our nation’s most elite warriors. DAMN FEW is fascinating and well-written, and doesn’t shy away from hard topics. Denver, an officer in the US Navy SEALs, covers in detail the sacrifices SEALs and their families make, and the realities of being in the business of war and killing—yet somehow this book is incredibly inspiring, and deeply moving.

I always feel tremendous gratitude for those in civil or military service, but I’m especially thankful for them this week, with all of the tragic events that have unfolded in Boston, DC and Texas.

Diesel, if by chance you read this: thank you.


My Jakob is obsessed with Navy Seals, I wonder if he'd read this. Probably, he reads just about anything! I'll have to look and see just how gritty it is.

Thanks for sharing it!


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